5 Lies We Tell Ourselves

"Deed, not words shall speak to me." ~ John Fletcher

What if we were visited tonight by the ghosts that went to see Ebeneezer Scrooge? What if they came and said to us "Come On - Be honest about a few things." What are 5 Lies we tell ourselves?

Why Do We Blog?

The Lie ~ "Because we want to connect, inform, educate and give something back. Because we want to share insights and perspective.

The Truth ~ It's Because of our Ego.

Why Don't We Call More?

The Lie ~ Because it's inefficient, people don't like it. It's outdated, a waste of time and other methods of contact work much better.

The Truth ~ Because we don't like difficult things. We are lazy, try to avoid possible conflict and discomfort. We want to be passively read, respected and liked. Because calls take a whole lot of work & effort.

Why Do We Use Social Media?

The Lie ~ Because it's the mode that everyone is using. Because it's the future. Because I'm smart. Because I'm getting huge exposure. Because more people can see, connect with and like me.

The Truth ~ Because it's entertaining and we can turn it off like TV.

Why Do We Follow Less Than Follow Us?

The Lie ~ Because we filter for quality. Because we are selective.

The Truth ~ Because we are Divas that think we're all that - We're Not.

Why Don't We Say Less and Do More?

The Lie ~ Because we need to get our word out and build a large following to effect change. We need a lot of connections.

The Truth ~ Come On - Be Honest...

"A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed."


  1. Dan,

    Brilliant list.

    These are definitely EDGY conversations. It really pays to examine why we do what we do...

    Dan Waldschmidt

  2. Thanks for the kind words Dan - Your blog and edgy conversations are certainly a muse for me as well. Have a great 2011 my friend.