Simple Marketing.

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does". ~ Stuart Henderson Britt.

Ever notice how the most simple marketing messages engage us? Today we are bombarded with marketing from media sources and venues that multiply daily. The Web, Social Media, Email, Video, TV, Radio, Print and a veritable plethora of voices are vying for our attention. Most of it is just noise. Lots of "experts" promising insights, riches and pleasures. Promising to make us wiser, our lives easier and more fruitful. Asking us to buy or buy into what they've got.

OK I'm listening but let's get to it. Grab My Attention and then hit me, amuse me, astound me, inspire me and motivate me to do something. Why can't we keep it simple? Perhaps if we just said two words like "I Work - I'm Better - I'm Cheaper - I'm Smarter - I'm Reliable. Sent that message out with a consistent look and feel and had others corroborate it with empirical evidence and data then the message would get past the noise and make more of an impact. Perhaps then we could simply say "Do This". Perhaps if we just said two words, tied them to an emotional need and made the picture that's painted appealing people might pay attention.

Perhaps if those two words were the basis of our brand and reputation we would gain a following. Make it appealing and targeted. Make it a visual and sensory treat. But let's make it simple - I'm a Simple Guy. A couple of words, a targeted message, a picture and a call to action - Simple Marketing.

My Dog.

"The average dog is a nicer person than the average person."
~ Andy Rooney

My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am. I love my dog, Winston (named after Churchill). They say that the more people we meet the more we love our dogs - well there may be some truth to that. I certainly appreciate the character traits he has that make him a loyal friend and me one happy camper.

I feed him but he could feed himself. He watches other dogs bark and just stares at them rather than barking back - he's pretty confident that they're just barking. He's loyal and attentive, strong and brave. Friendly and focused. I can sit with him for hours staring into the sky and talking about dreams, hopes, business and people and he just listens. I lay with my head upon his chest and listen to his steady heartbeat.

He's always there regardless of circumstance and challenge. Regardless of who I know, what I have accomplished, or failed to accomplish, and without concern for how much or how little I have - He's there. He's ready to walk beside me no matter where I decide to go - without needing to be convinced he will follow. He's my friend.

He knows when I'm down and sits quietly beside me. But when the time comes to play, to catch, to run and jump he's like a puppy dancing in heaven. I share his joy.

If asked to name the characteristics I wish I had more of - I'd say - Just watch my dog. If asked to name the characteristics of a perfect friend I'd say - Loyal, intelligent,selfless, dependable, playful, steadfast and strong. Just like my dog - I couldn't ask for a better friend.

Your Elevator Pitch.

" For Sale - Baby Shoes - Never Worn"
. ~ Ernest Hemingway.

I Love Elevator Pitches - But I think 30 seconds is too long. I Love Personal Branding but think there is way too much fluff and not enough difference. Give me something that intrigues, astounds me and makes you out to be one in a million. Then have others corroborate it. Now we're talking good stuff. Your Value Proposition, Elevator Pitch and Personal Brand should be condensed into no more than 10 seconds - at most. It's the essence of what you are distilled into just a few words.

Use Ten seconds & Ten Words to get their attention, stimulate curiosity and compel them to want to learn more. The best of all time was six simple and powerful words written by Ernest Hemingway

" For Sale - Baby Shoes - Never Worn".

Remember, Elevator Pitches, Personal Brands and Unique Selling Propositions are only credible when others corroborate and reinforce them. Make yours crystal clear, compelling, concise and above all credible. I Love Good Elevator Pitches - What's Yours?

Get Over Yourself.

"Example isn't the main thing in influencing others - it's the only thing." ~ Albert Schweizer.

Nobody Cares What You Think. They Care What They Think. However we all fall prey to the me syndrome don't we? We all think our opinion is unique and important - it is but then so is everyone else's.

So how do we become a person of influence, a thought leader, someone who is respected enough to make a difference? How do we become a person who whispers an insight and people pay attention? How do we avoid the drab mediocrity of being just another face in the crowd, a voice in the wilderness shouting "I'm here" with no-one caring enough to listen? How do we make a difference?

How do we get people to take action? It's Simple. Since the beginning of time it has been - You Set An Example and you may, in time, become respected by the influencer's and thought leaders out there.
In the timeless words of a very wise man, to make a difference:

"Be the change you want to see in the world" ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

One Question.

"A life unexamined is not worth living." ~ Socrates.

Our Average Life Expectancy is 79 years. What Did We Do with those 79 years or 28,835 Days. What have You Done? Even if we don't get asked the question - Shouldn't We Ask it of Ourselves?

We are here one day and then we are not here. Family and friends will grieve and then carry on. What will they remember? What will others say? Does it matter? Maybe Yes - Maybe No. Regardless. We have 79 years - give or take. We can't do anything with the days we've already had - But we can answer - What Are You Doing Today?

What Have You Done In Your Life? How will wyou answer this one question? What will you say? Who Have You Influenced? Who Influenced You? What Have We Done and What Are We Doing?

It's Only One Question.


"All creatures are flawed, but out of the flaw may come the universe".
~ Marguerite Young.

Want to know what would make the world a better place overnight? Want to know how to solve most of the frustrations and problems we encounter in our daily interactions? Ask 3 people you know really well to honestly tell you What They Think YOUR Biggest Weakness Is? (Preferably three people that don't like you very much) Then make a commitment to them and yourself to take measurable actions to improve that facet of your character. Most of us won't do it. But then again - some might. Do you really want to make this a better place ?

Then Start With Yourself - A Simple Solution from A Simple Guy.

A Simple Guy.

"As for me, all I know is - that I know nothing" ~ Socrates.

Hi I'm Dan Collins - A Simple Guy who went from Soldier to Salesman and ended up in the Corporate C Suite. Along the way
I noticed that a lot of people like to make things more difficult than they need to be. So I figured - Why Not Just Be A Simple Guy? I'm a guy who needs to understand a lot more about this thing we call life and honestly wants to learn how to make the things he sees in this world simpler.

So I decided to write a blog about Work, Wisdom, Warriors, Whiskey & Women. Me? I'm just A Simple Guy who came to America as a very young boy. I'm a guy who likes Steak & Sinatra, Beethoven and Basics. A man who Respects Focus over Fluff and Results over Reasons. I've found that the more people I meet - The more I love my dog. But every now and again I meet some really good people who make me smile. Hopefully this blog, Facebook, Twitter & Linked In will help me connect with those who see value in the random ramblings of a 'Simple Guy.'

Me? I'm just a simple soldier at heart who loves this country.

What do I know for sure? ~ Not much.

But I believe that America is truly the land of opportunity
as long as we work hard and keep striving and I'm honestly convinced that:

"When We Think We Know - We Don't.

When We Think We're Good - We're Not."