How To Sell.

"Sales are contingent on the attitude of the salesperson, not the attitude of the prospect." ~ W. Clement Stone.

The young salesperson wasn't doing very well. It wasn't through lack of effort, or presentations, he was sure that he was giving more than the senior salespeople who were closing deals left and right. Something was missing. So he went into the old mans office and asked...

"What do I need to work on?"

The old campaigner leaned forward in his chair and said to the young rookie ~ " Every presentation you ever make ends up in a Buy, Sell, or Hold situation. The people you talk to will inevitably buy, sell you on why they can't, or put you on hold. ~ So what do you think you should be working on to ensure that more people buy from you?" he asked.

I don't know the young protege responded - I think I'm doing all I can. Alright the old man said... Let me ask you three simple questions...

  • Are people buying the stuff you sell from others?                     ~ Yes, he said.
  • Are they buying it for about the same price that you're asking? ~ Yes again.
  • Are they buying it from you?                                                   ~ No.
Now you're a smart person ~ So if I understand you correctly...
  • People are buying.
  • They are buying from others.
  • They're just not buying from you.

What do YOU think you need to work on?

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