Friday Newsflash - BINF

"Competition is the keen cutting edge of business." Henry Ford

Ever notice how some people look at things differently? Friday is a great day to notice this. Here are two breaking news flashes:
"Friday is the same as Tuesday." and "Business is not Fair".

Friday Is The Same As Tuesday.

Scientific Research has again confirmed that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week in American Business. For the last thirty years productivity studies have confirmed that more is accomplished on Tuesday than any other day of the week. Yet it has the same number of hours as all the other days. A few remarkable individuals, however, work harder than others on other days, including Fridays, and gain a competitive advantage. They call customers while others are discussing their weekend. They work when others say "no-one is working today". They prospect, connect, network & produce when others have checked out. They do what others don't on Fridays.

Business Is Not Fair.

Scientific Research has again confirmed that Business is not Fair. Some people have more and better customers. Some people get paid more money. Some people have all the luck. Research has confirmed Business is extremely competitive and most people aren't buying right now. Competition for less dollars being spent is fierce. This also confirms the ongoing findings in scientific research that "Business is not fair". What we do about these two scientific facts establishes our competitive position in business and that mindset goes a long way to determine how well we are going to do on Friday or any other day.

News Flash - "Friday is the same as Tuesday & Business is not Fair."


  1. I have some of my best meetings with customers that welcome me into their offices at the end of the day. Many times when others are long gone when the whistle blows at 5 PM.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mark. You are absolutely right - there is very little traffic congestion on the extra mile. Dan