Your Elevator Pitch.

" For Sale - Baby Shoes - Never Worn"
. ~ Ernest Hemingway.

I Love Elevator Pitches - But I think 30 seconds is too long. I Love Personal Branding but think there is way too much fluff and not enough difference. Give me something that intrigues, astounds me and makes you out to be one in a million. Then have others corroborate it. Now we're talking good stuff. Your Value Proposition, Elevator Pitch and Personal Brand should be condensed into no more than 10 seconds - at most. It's the essence of what you are distilled into just a few words.

Use Ten seconds & Ten Words to get their attention, stimulate curiosity and compel them to want to learn more. The best of all time was six simple and powerful words written by Ernest Hemingway

" For Sale - Baby Shoes - Never Worn".

Remember, Elevator Pitches, Personal Brands and Unique Selling Propositions are only credible when others corroborate and reinforce them. Make yours crystal clear, compelling, concise and above all credible. I Love Good Elevator Pitches - What's Yours?

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