Get Over Yourself.

"Example isn't the main thing in influencing others - it's the only thing." ~ Albert Schweizer.

Nobody Cares What You Think. They Care What They Think. However we all fall prey to the me syndrome don't we? We all think our opinion is unique and important - it is but then so is everyone else's.

So how do we become a person of influence, a thought leader, someone who is respected enough to make a difference? How do we become a person who whispers an insight and people pay attention? How do we avoid the drab mediocrity of being just another face in the crowd, a voice in the wilderness shouting "I'm here" with no-one caring enough to listen? How do we make a difference?

How do we get people to take action? It's Simple. Since the beginning of time it has been - You Set An Example and you may, in time, become respected by the influencer's and thought leaders out there.
In the timeless words of a very wise man, to make a difference:

"Be the change you want to see in the world" ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

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