Simple Marketing.

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does". ~ Stuart Henderson Britt.

Ever notice how the most simple marketing messages engage us? Today we are bombarded with marketing from media sources and venues that multiply daily. The Web, Social Media, Email, Video, TV, Radio, Print and a veritable plethora of voices are vying for our attention. Most of it is just noise. Lots of "experts" promising insights, riches and pleasures. Promising to make us wiser, our lives easier and more fruitful. Asking us to buy or buy into what they've got.

OK I'm listening but let's get to it. Grab My Attention and then hit me, amuse me, astound me, inspire me and motivate me to do something. Why can't we keep it simple? Perhaps if we just said two words like "I Work - I'm Better - I'm Cheaper - I'm Smarter - I'm Reliable. Sent that message out with a consistent look and feel and had others corroborate it with empirical evidence and data then the message would get past the noise and make more of an impact. Perhaps then we could simply say "Do This". Perhaps if we just said two words, tied them to an emotional need and made the picture that's painted appealing people might pay attention.

Perhaps if those two words were the basis of our brand and reputation we would gain a following. Make it appealing and targeted. Make it a visual and sensory treat. But let's make it simple - I'm a Simple Guy. A couple of words, a targeted message, a picture and a call to action - Simple Marketing.

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