What Bosses Want.

"Just Do It."

What is the common denominator that all bosses want from their employees or associates? Whether it be large or small companies, public, private, military or civilian the answer is always the same. In the words of an old country boy they want someone that can "Git er dun".

Elbert Hubbard said it very well in his famous story, which has since become one of the most published documents in the history of the printed word. It's the story of a man called Rowan who was instructed by the US President to simply  ~ "Take A Message To Garcia."

In 1898 when war broke out between Spain & the United States, it was critical for the President of the United States to communicate quickly with the leader of the Insurgents. The leader, Garcia, was somewhere in the mountain vastness of Cuba - no one knew where. An aide to the President said he knew of one man who could do the job. His name was Andrew Summers Rowan, adding if anyone can do it Rowan can.

Take a look at A Message to Garcia from the point of view of the leader, President McKinley. Faced with the need to notify Garcia in the jungles of Cuba, he trusted one man, Rowan, with the nearly impossible ~ Why? ~ Because  Rowan had established a reputation as a self motivated man of discipline and initiative. He'd "Just Do It".

Rowan lived in a log cabin that he had built with his own hands and was known as a man who could be relied on. He would get it done. Rowan didn't ask how, or why, or plead for help or instruction to complete his herculean task he simply heard the request and then figured out a way. Andrew Summers Rowan set the standard for every disciplined individual who is able to adapt to unfavorable circumstances and maintain their sense of mission. People who get the job done without whining, complaining or negotiating outcomes and deadlines.

What do ALL bosses really want? They want a Rowan they can depend on. They want someone they can trust to get stuff done.

Read the complete text of a message to Garcia with a translation in English and Spanish

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