Listen Up.

"Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk." ~ Doug Larson.

"Listen Up" ~ Two words that coaches, moms and authority figures of all kinds use to get our attention. They're often barked as the final call to pierce through babble, merriment, and casual conversations. But even after those words are spoken how many really pay attention?

Recently I had one of those rare opportunities to test myself and see whether I could truly "Listen Up". ~ It was a humbling experience.

A person I respect a lot, David A. Brock, introduced me to a couple of his close friends. Connections that he valued and respected. During the conversations I noticed the temptation to chirp in with common interests and shared experiences. There were people and places we had both enjoyed that seemed like natural conversation connections.

But sharing isn't listening is it?

It's me focused - not you focused. Like most people who have sold, and are alpha type personalities, enthusiasm and where we want to go with the conversation tends to interrupt our interactions unless we are very careful. During our talk the 'me too' had reared it's ugly head instead of the 'tell me more' that tends to deepen conversations.

Isn't it strange how great lessons usually are recognized in retrospect? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could learn as the situation occurs rather than after the fact?  A valuable lesson was learned nonetheless.

'Tell me more' ~ Brings people together a lot better than ~ ' Me too'.

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