Overcoming Fear.

"You can act like a man." ~ The Godfather.

Many years ago, while in the military, I took a battery of pyschological tests designed to uncover fears.  The premise being - find out what you fear the most - face up to it - Overcome it. I'm not sure the overcome it part worked but the find out part was enlightening. ~ In order to grow we need to decide what we are going to do about our fears ~ Period.

So what are the most common fears? 
According to a Google search they are:

1. Flying
2. Public Speaking
3. Heights
4. The Dark
5. Intimacy
6. Death
7. Failure
8. Rejection
9. Spiders
10. Commitment

Look at the list and think about it a little bit. How many on the list are necessary to overcome in your chosen field in order to be successful?

I imagine more than a few. ~ Life, Business and Relationships all seem to say to each of us ~ Identify, Face, and Overcome our fears or...

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