The American Bus.

"America is another name for opportunity." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As an immigrant, who became an American Soldier, and unabashed cheerleader for this land of opportunity the chorus of wailing that echos through our land today seems a little silly. Challenges and change are inevitable and prophets of doom have sold their bill of goods since the dawn of time but you know what? ~ The Opportunity Remains.

I see individuals and circumstances today much like individuals and circumstances have been and always will be. Compared to other periods, and particularly when we look over centuries, if anything, our circumstances, standard of living and lot in life is considerably better now than it has been at any time in history. But the human character always presents some that solve and some that squeal. Meanwhile the American bus travels on down the highway. She moves forward.

On board are many varied faces, opinions and voices, each with the opportunity to speak up and take action. Some talk. Some talk and take action and some just take action. Each of us has the opportunity to say and do something about the direction, speed and quality of the journey we take on the American bus. Each of us has a hand on the brake. The brake can squeal and slow us, perhaps bringing us to a stop every now and then. But sooner or later we choose a direction, take an action, and move America forward again. Why am I such an avid and ardent cheerleader on our Awesome American Bus? 

Because The Opportunity Remains.

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