Men of Influence.

"Leadership is influence.
"~ John C. Maxwell.

We are each the product of our influences - men and women who have influenced our thoughts, values, words and actions. We ultimately all become that which we most focus on. We can read and become inspired. We can reach out to, meet and learn from them. We can admire those who do that which we cannot or will not do and hopefully we will strive to be just a little bit better because of the lessons learned from those we respect. Or we stagnate in self absorption and navel gazing spending years repeating thoughts, behavior and actions that were formed and calcified way before our adulthood. Life is either a trivial repetition of similar results or it is a joyous challenge to be embraced as we learn to do and be more than we are - every moment of every day.

Read and learn from those who inspire you - Below are a few of mine but please pick your own - Then do what very few choose to do -Take actions that would make those you respect proud of you. Life is a short journey filled with what you most focus on. Take action.


James Stockdale

Sir Winston Churchill

Colonel Howard

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  1. Great post, Dan. I've been reading every entry, exceptional writing. Thanks for sharing so candidly your opinions, they are immensely helpful.