Experts And Idiots

"I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and our own being."
~ Albert Einstein.

Have you ever noticed when someone says "That was such an intelligent movie, play, book, comment, or post what they're really saying is "I'm smart?" Have you ever noticed that we try to surround ourselves with ideas, people, views and concepts that we agree with? Have you ever noticed that we spend an awful lot of time avoiding, arguing with, and dismissing opinions that we disagree with? That we often label those contrary opinions "Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?" We all tend to like, follow, hire, friend, and surround ourselves with stuff that supports or doesn't threaten the precepts we have established. Of course you've noticed ~ we all have.

But what about after we notice ~ What happens next? Well next we feel the need to substantiate, "prove", convince, and convert. We feel the need to become experts. What is an expert? Someone who has an expertise. Someone who proclaims a way that is better, more effective, productive or insightful. Someone who says "I'm smart". Wouldn't it be nice if we said "It's just my opinion?" Wouldn't it be nice if rather than saying "This is THE way" we said "This is A way ~ my way ~ or just my opinion?" Why do the opinions, concepts and people that we disagree with threaten us? Is it because we want to be perceived as smart? Or smarter? Because we want to be an expert? Me? ~ It's just my opinion, but ~ I'd rather not "know"stuff. I'd rather not be an expert. I'd rather learn from those that, in my arrogance, I consider idiots.

When all is said and done ~ I prefer being an idiot.