Google + Circles

"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."
~ Groucho Marx

I recently received an invite to join Google +. It kind of made me feel like I was getting a personal invitation for the American Express Black card ~ Yeah this is exactly what I need ~ I thought (read with dripping sarcasm). But then I tried it - and you know what? I liked it. Simple, no farming, no fluff (unless you want to put some in) and then ...

The thing that really sold me - Circles.

There is something about circles that really makes sense. Maybe it's the little black book thing. We've all got some really special friends. There are some people that we don't need no stinkin social media to keep track of ~ and then we have all kinds of other "contacts and connections". But doesn't it seem that the people we communicate with move from one circle to another? In business a prospect becomes a customer. A mere contact becomes something a little bit more. And a friend becomes a really close friend. We've got people that we like and people we respect ~ Then we have those that fall within the ultimate circle ~ People We Like AND Respect.

Circles ~ hmmm... (Let me know if you'd like an invite).

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  1. I've recently joined as well and like the fact it's so uncluttered. Of course, that is bound to change over time since this is a beta version of the site. Would be honored to be in your circle one day.