If Only...

"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." ~ Abraham Lincoln.

I had a friend once - He died - and I think of Sam every time someone says - "If only..." Sam was a simple soldier and he had this way of looking at things that set him apart from the rest of us. His attitude, actions, and example spoke volumes about who he was. "It doesn't matter what happens. What we have or where we are in life isn't important" he used to say - "It doesn't matter what tools or teachings we get - It's How We Respond to People, Conditions, Obstacles and Opportunities that determines how happy and successful we're going to be." ~ "It's not the stuff in life that matters it's our Mindset."

Now I know this is all pretty simple and obvious - but powerful truths usually are. I never once heard Sam say "If only" and I kind of think it was because he knew that the real secret of happiness, success and all the other stuff that makes life worthwhile is...

SAM ~ Simply A Mindset.

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