The Q Dilemma.

"Think Different."

When things get tough. When the low hanging fruit is gone and things aren't easy in business or life what do we do? Most of us take one of two paths. We wait until things get better - or - we go with the 'Q'.

What's the Q Dilemma? Well that's when we say "I just need to increase the Quantity & Quality of what I'm doing and everything will be just fine." Increasing Q helps us and it works. Better Q is always good.

But Q squared provides only incremental improvements. What if we want Quantum change? What if we "Want to make a ding in the universe?" What do we need to do? We need the third Q - Question.

We need to constantly question our mindset, habits, behavior, attitude, actions and approach. We need to question everything and...

We need to ~ "Think Different."

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