The Stupid Leader.

"Stupid is as stupid does" ~ Forest Gump.

You've seen it all before I'm sure. A member of your team who does stuff so much better than the others. Is dependable, conscientious and the person you would immediately turn to if you need to get something done - The go to guy. Richie was such a guy. He had saved our skins more times than I can remember but he kept to himself and always did it all himself. I knew he had a strong belief in the big guy but we never talked about it ~ until one night after a very difficult day. "Richie I need your help" I said "I need you to lead" Without hesitation ~ He turned me down flat. "No - I'm not stupid" he replied "Let me just do my job."

"I believe in God - I just don't believe in people" he said and the words made so much sense all of a sudden. Now I completely understood his actions, attitude and approach. He kept talking and he let it all out ~ "People are stupid and they let you down". You could see the years of disappointment and bitterness - the repressed anger and hurt and everything now made sense. Why he did it all himself. Why he watched over everyone as they slept. Why he obsessed about virtually every detail and why he always came through when we needed him.

"Richie - I believe in the big guy as much as you do. But I also believe in you. It's you, the big guy, AND PEOPLE who are going to help us out of this crap. People are going to leverage and scale our efforts. Their hearts and minds are our force multipliers my friend."

That's why I can't lead, he said - "Stupid leaders believe in people."

"But Richie ~ Those are the best leaders".

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