Sales Fear.

"The only way to find out if you can trust someone ~ is to trust them." ~ Ernest Hemingway.

Sales is a tough gig.  We all know that. Now I'm not talking about order taking here ~ That's not really sales is it? ~ I'm talking about the first sale we make to a new customer. The real sale. Yes... Client reorders are nice ~ We love 'em. But if we've done our job, established trust, and built the relationship, we're really not selling any more are we?

Yes we're listening, learning, and providing value. And maybe we have to do a bit of convincing to wrap things up but it's different with an existing customer isn't it? Not to say we don't do all that stuff on the first sale ~ Of course we do.  But on that first sale ~ The new sale ~ We need courage to overcome our greatest weakness as salespeople don't we? ~ The courage to prospect, and approach, someone new.

Some salespeople don't do this any more. ~ They're afraid. ~ Now they'll say they're not. They'll say that it's a lot harder, unnecessary, and then there's the rejection. They will argue that it's easier and more effective to work referrals and cultivate customer relationships. To build upon what they already have. As if we can't do that and go after new customers. Sorry ladies and gentlemen ~ Often when we believe we are reasoning we are really rationalizing and in this case...

The real professional overcomes ... Sales Fear.

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