Who Do You Thank?

"Only a stomach that rarely feels hungry scorns common things."
~ Horace.

Who do You Thank at Thanksgiving? Some focus on Faith. Some focus on Family and some on Friendships. America pauses at thanksgiving to say thank you and each of us has our own focus.

I focus on those who are better than me, and there are many. Those who altruistically and selflessly give their lives to something larger than themselves. The soldiers who fight for our freedoms. The caring souls who work in hospices and far flung third world countries helping children and those who suffer. Those that tirelessly dedicate themselves to helping others and live without the comforts that we coddled children become accustomed to. The saints among us.

Those with the strength to do the jobs that must be done without the need to be recognized or rewarded. Those humble and heroic souls free of the shackles of an entitlement mentality. The soldiers and saints that with courage and character define the very best of us. They work in shadows. Their faces are rarely shown. Their daily struggles to make a difference go unheralded. We don't thank them enough.

These are my heroes and I think of them and reflect upon how much I owe them every day. For doing what I can't or won't do - for being what I can't or won't be. Every single day you humble me and I need to say

Thank You.

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