The Philosopher.

"Let him that would move the world first move himself." ~

A young boy approached Socrates and asked him the secret to success. Socrates replied "Meet me at the river bank in the morning and I will tell you the secret." The boy dutifully arrived early to meet the wise sage the next morning and they sat at the edge of the river.

Expecting an insight to last a lifetime the boy closed his eyes and was astounded when Socrates grabbed him by the neck and plunged his head under the water, holding him firmly while he struggled for his life. For what seemed an eternity the boy flailed about but Socrates tightly held him. Finally the master let him up and asked the gasping child ~

"What did you want most while I held you under the water?" The boy replied "I wanted to breathe!" Yes, said Socrates and when you want success as much as you wanted to breathe you will achieve it.

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