Learn This Only.

"I love to learn - I just don't like to be taught"
~ Winston Churchill.

I never got to meet my hero but if I did I think I would have sat like a wide eyed little kid for a while. But very soon I would start asking him questions - "What would you do - how do you think - who and what influences you Sir Winston?" I wouldn't care too much about his delivery, his tone, or whether what he was saying was 'right or wrong' but I would hang on every word. After all Learning is about Listening.

Successful people do stuff others can't or won't and those that reside in the pantheon of historical figures do it in epic proportions. But sadly we rarely get to meet and chat with them - so what can we learn from daily interactions? What can we learn from people we meet every day?

Everyone does something in this life better than we do - everyone has something they can teach us to do better - if we just observe and remove what we think is 'right or wrong' from the equation. Live to Learn and Learn to Live.What was it Harry Truman said? "The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all."

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