Behind The Eight Ball.

"We kind of put ourselves behind the eight ball here". ~ Lucky Wurtz.

What are 8 things that keep salespeople behind the eight ball?
What are the eight things that hinder even the best professionals from making more sales, money and getting better and better every day?


1. Coachability.

This is by far the most important on the list. The biggest holdback to making more sales is our response to coaching. If we get input and go back to doing what we have always done – We get what we‘ve always got. ~ We can’t move forward unless we learn and apply coaching.

2. Self Talk / Accountability.

Self talk determines our success. If you can’t wait to get away from something you will convince yourself of ways to avoid doing what it takes to succeed and will find reasons outside of yourself for not being as successful as you can. You determine your success –period. Every day is an opportunity – what you do with it is essentially up to you.

3. Comfort Zone / Average.

Once we have established an average and a comfort zone it takes a very strong person not to coast each day and stay in that area. Often we are not even aware that is what is happening. We can deny it - but the numbers will always tell us the truth. ~ Comfort Zones Kill Sales.

4. Lack of Urgency.

Nothing you do tomorrow will help you get results today.

5. Distractions / Issues / Personal.

Allowing stuff that is not productive to affect your production is a matter of mental discipline. It’s easy to give reasons instead of results. Poor production is often the primary trait of a person who focuses more on reasons instead of results. Everyone has reasons - Few get results.

6. Opportunity / Close Ratio.

The very worst salesperson has a 10% opportunity ratio to calls or appointments in any business sale. The difference between the successful and not so successful is what we do with that 10%. The better you are the higher your opportunity percentage ratio will be and the harder you work the more opportunities you will get. Simple.

7. Time Management.

This one is a killer for those that take the first hour of the day to get going, need to get back in the swing of things after lunch or breaks and are looking at the clock at the end of the day. The amount of focused, productive time in any person’s day varies on what is going on in their mind. We all have the same day to make money and get things done.

8. Duplicate Effort.

Do you duplicate efforts? Does it take two or three calls to get a no when you could have gotten that up front and moved on? Do you justify duplicate effort because every now and again it works ~ regardless of the number of times it didn’t. Duplicate effort is all about doing things right the first time so you don’t have to do it again whether it is the call, the order or any administrative detail. Get it done right the first time.

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