Better Fluff.

"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something."
~ Thomas Edison. 

Sometimes you've just got to laugh don't you? All the great advice out there on how to run a business, be a better salesperson and "succeed"

Some really insightful stuff like:

Listen  ~ Be Yourself ~ Focus ~ Set Goals ~ Prioritize ~ Think out of the box ~ Build a better mousetrap ~ Care a little more ~ etc, etc...

Now don't get me wrong I've been guilty of dishing out my own fair share of this stuff myself. It's easy to deal in fluff. People like it. It's warm and comfy. Like a kitten. It's cuddly. But ultimately it's all...

Want to know what we really need to do in business to succeed?

We need to do stuff better than the next guy. ~ Plain and simple. We've just got to be better. Yes ~ We've got to listen and learn. Provide a better value proposition, service and sometimes price. But in the end it all comes down to ~ We have to do, and give, better stuff.

Even if it's ~ Better Fluff.

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