"Past accomplishments are the refuge of the weak."
~ Winston Churchill.

For anyone of us in business ~ Of all the things he said ~ All the quotes, insights and words of wisdom, this one is the most relevant. "Past accomplishments are the refuge of the weak." Think what we did yesterday, or do tomorrow, really matters? ~ Wake up.

It's What We Do Today That Matters. 

The business landscape is littered with individuals, companies, and organizations, who pathetically cry out for an appreciation for what they've done in the past. The awards hanging on our walls, things we've done, and stuff we are proud of can be anchors if we let them.  Don't fall into the putrid pity potty of those petulant children that whimper... "I'm not appreciated". ~ Do Something Today To Be Proud Of. 

The accomplishments and actions of our past are shadows. 
They are behind us. Move On.~ Do Good Now. ~ Do It Today.

Because ~ Past accomplishments are the refuge of the weak.

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