Bring Out The Child.

"In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play."
~Friedrich Nietzsche

What happens to us? ~ We get a little older and we start to believe we know stuff. We set limitations on ourselves and the light that shone so bright in childhood dims as we start to get in our own way. Each of us has experienced the pure bliss of watching, and listening, to a child share their dreams, hopes, visions and stories. It makes us smile and remember... But we tend to forget that each of us has that child still within us ~ we choose to stifle and excuse away the possibilities of our lives with reason, circumstance and 'knowledge'. We start to focus on what we believe we know instead of our dreams and possibilities. Why Not Bring Out The Child Again ? Why not get back to really enjoying life. Bring the child out to play - We only get one shot at this thing we call life. Do cartwheels, enjoy life - Bring out the child.

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