People Don't Change - So?

"Be the Change You want to See in the world" Gandhi

Have you ever had a flaky friend? The one that frustrates you with being chronically late just when you were depending on them to be on time. The one that assures you they are going to do something but you know they aren't going to come through. You love the fun times and easy going nature with these friends but try to impress upon them how important being dependable to you is and they just don't see it as a problem. Trying to change them is a lost cause - So what do you do? People don't change what they can't see - And they certainly don't change actions or behavior which they believe they have good reasons for. Almost all behaviors we have are learned very early in our lives and patterns are difficult to change - So what do you do? Don't try to change others - Change Yourself. It doesn't matter how well intentioned, persuasive or selfless your message to them is - it's not going to effect behavioral change in those you care about UNTIL that person takes ownership to change them-self. In the meantime change yourself - Be The Change. Set the example of what you want. That is all you can really do - and for some people that may be just enough.

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