Here Is What You Know

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so. " Mark Twain

Sales is a funny business and managing salespeople is even funnier. Days are filled with stories, anecdotes, personalities and memories that will last a lifetime. Are salespeople artists? Of course they are. Those few that build lasting relationships, clarify differentiated value propositions and create consistent demand are exceptional individuals that every business needs today and always will need. And the very best ones know that they are special - therein lies the rub. The very best salespeople know this and then they must learn to take the next gigantic leap - They need to get out of their own way. The very best salespeople learn that business is a two edged sword that includes both quantity and quality. These are not mutually exclusive concepts. Both are essential components of success. A great salesperson, and certainly a great businessperson, knows that they need to be superior to others in both quantity of output and quality of output in order to get better quantity and quality of input. If you are just focusing on one side of the equation you are only doing half a job.Yes great salespeople are artists - but the very best recognize that business is driven by numbers and sales is certainly a numbers game. So is it true as the book says that "Talent Is Overrated?" Yes - especially when we believe that talent alone is our differentiator. Quantity and Quality - you've got to deliver both if you really want to succeed in the highly commoditized arena of business today. Contacts - Calls - Connections - Conversations - Quotes - Orders - Profits. Focus on Delivering BOTH Quality AND Quantity. That trait will differentiate you as a true professional.

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