Differentiating Yourself

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you..." Gandhi

How do we differentiate ourselves? What characteristics, traits, actions and accomplishments mark people who differentiate themselves significantly from the rest of us? In my experience it's rarely a small incremental difference. Usually those who make a difference strive for something, an internal standard that only they initially understand - but it's significantly different than the status quo. As human beings we naturally resist and fear that which we do not understand and so these 'different' people encounter an inevitable series of responses to their difference. Every person,over centuries of human accomplishment, has encountered these series of responses. Sometimes the response category lasts for years and sometimes it defeats the would be initiators of change leaving another to pick up the mantle at a later date. But the series of responses - the way people deal with these difference makers is always the same. How, as human beings, do we deal with these people who strive to be the 'difference makers'?
  • First We Ignore them
  • Then We Ridicule them
  • Then We Fight them
  • Then we Copy them

Only those who make it through all 4 become 'Difference Makers'


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