Mental Tips.

"The Only Easy Day - Was Yesterday."

Most people who come to San Diego are merely passing through. Pass through the gates of a Navy base in Coronado, stroll across the concrete parade ground they call the 'grinder' and attempt to navigate the fifty nine week training of a navy seal and 'passing through' takes on a whole different meaning to the few that eventually make it to a successful graduation. Now I'm an old army guy. A quiet professional who begrudgingly recognizes that what these guys go through is 'difficult'. I've got a few friends, and a relative, who've earned the trident and they all acknowledge the importance of mental conditioning.

A Navy Seals success starts with their mindset.

What can we learn from them in business, and indeed life? What has the military discovered separates those that pass 'Buds Training' from those that fail? Special Operations training has discovered that the successful candidate displays four components in their mindset which increases their chance of success. They've built a ~ "Big 4" Program ~ around identifying and developing these critical mental disciplines.

1. Goal Setting - Successful candidates have clearly defined short term and long term goals. They know what they want to achieve.

2. Mental Rehearsal - Visualization - Successful individuals constantly visualize and rehearse positive outcomes in their mind prior to the event or goal they have set. They 'see it' before they do it.

3. Self Talk - The average human being says 300 to 1,000 words per minute to themselves in their mind. Successful individuals recognize that this is a very powerful tool and use it positively and wisely.

4. Emotion and Arousal Control - Successful people develop the discipline to control the fear, flight and inherent emote or avoid natural responses that we all have. They discipline themselves to focus on mission, goals, objectives and responsibilities regardless of circumstances. They reject the natural path of least resistance.

What can we learn from this and how do we apply it in daily life?

A large percentage of our daily activities are dictated and driven by an area of the brain called the Amygdala. Recognizing and developing the strengths and tendencies of this powerful memory and emotional processing tool within our limbic system is a primary key to success in any area of our life. Learn to use this powerful tool and the mental disciplines contained within the 'Big 4' and we may find that how we 'Pass Through' our lives will take on a whole different perspective.

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