"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough" ~ Albert Einstein.

Buyer ~ Siri, please provide me a list of reputable vendors for...
Siri ~ Would you like local or global options?

Buyer ~ Global and Local. Give me all specifications, pricing and total costs compared to local options with credibility ratings and social media comments on customer satisfaction. Cross reference all rankings with my personal connections. Use the following criteria...

Siri ~ Will you require any human interaction?
Buyer ~ No. ~ I want a transaction not a relationship.

Siri ~ All data, specifications, cost comparisons, and comments have been sent to your phone. Your credit has been approved with all vendors anonymously. Would you like me to initiate a bidding process, are you just looking, or should we conclude a transaction now?

Buyer ~ Let me review. I will get back to you. Thank You Siri.
Siri ~ Goodnight Sir. It really was a pleasure helping you.

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