The American Way

"Results not Reasons"

America means a lot to me. I came here as a very young boy and served her as a soldier. She taught me, provided opportunity, and hardened me to the realities of true competition and business. She introduced me to men, women and ideals that I cherish and will defend to the death. When her flag unfurls and the anthem is played I salute her and it brings a tear to my eye decades after that very first boat trip that brought me to her shores. With that said - What did I learn about her that is so useful in business? What is the crystal clear message that she echoes? It is simply America is about "Results not Reasons". America separates Fluff from Focus. She is a simple child, with passions and distractions, but deep down she does what every good business does. America Encourages Effort. America Praises Performance and America Rewards Results. So if you're a nice person that's nice - lets share a cup of coffee and some friendly conversation. If you are an honored veteran - great I salute you as a friend who sacrificed for a greater good and lets have a beer. If you're a good parent - excellent that is the most satisfying job you will ever have to do and I sincerely respect you for doing it well. But when all is said and done America will reward us for Results. She will encourage effort, she will praise performance but she will Reward Results. When all is said and done the thing this simple guy really loves about America is her beautifully pure focus: America Rewards "Results not Reasons."

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