There Comes A Time

"Build your reputation by helping other people build theirs."
Anthony J. D'Angelo

There comes a time when the day is done. You've closed the deal, coached an athlete, raised a child or worked with an associate. There comes a time when a customer speaks, a colleague recalls, a client remembers and a previous employee talks about you. There comes a time when an old boss mentions you to a friend - what does he say? There comes a time when a competitor acknowledges you. There comes a time when your children have grown and talk of their parents. There comes a time when you're not close by to hear the words they say. Like a cowboy in an old western - the day is done and you ride into the sunset. The day is done & they speak. What do they say?

You May Not Think It's True - But What They Say Is Up To You.

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  1. Thanks Dan. I was reflecting this morning on how thinking along these lines can help mold what I do today, and every day, and it made me smile. Because I have the opportunity to make it so. Have a great Labor Day Weekend, my friend.
    Dan Norton