Gracious Leadership.

"Leadership is Influence" ~ John Maxwell.

History is replete with tales of demanding leaders. Leaders that set the bar so high that mere mortals crumble under the weight of their expectations. Leaders that drive themselves and their charges to achieve incredible things. These inspiring souls burn so bright that many recoil from participating in their quests. They are driven by some internal force that sets, what most believe are, unreasonable standards. They expect more than others think is wise. They inspire those kindred spirits who share their passions, beliefs and standards.

But what about those who do not share their drive, passion, perspective, and beliefs? How do true leaders address those who do not share their unquenchable thirst? What do we call the leaders who engage and embrace those dissenters? Who are they? They're the gracious leaders. They're demanding of themselves yet recognize that some do not share their view and march to a different drummer.

They set an example trusting that some will embrace their standards and expectations - While recognizing some will not. They wish to positively influence both rather than raise one and lower the other. To those who do not share their perspective they are gracious. They see no need to condemn or insult those who sing to a different tune.

They acknowledge disagreement without having to demean.They don't play the politically favorite tune of personal attacks. They have no need to paint ego centric pictures of I'm right and You're wrong. They simply set their standards and expectations and invite others to come along.

They clearly understand and articulate who they are. What they believe. What they value and expect ~ Then they ask for our support.

That's gracious leadership.

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