I'm Serious.

"There are three rules for running a business, fortunately we don't know any of them." ~ Paul Newman.

There are plenty of people that offer advice on how to make more sales, run a business and live our lives better. Many have excellent credentials and - some don't. I applaud their best intentions to set the world straight and dispense wisdom on what we should do and should not do. We all need to make the effort to listen better, apply best practices in our lives and learn more. Experienced insights and meaningful stories can prove invaluable. But here's just one simple aside to those wishing to dispense wisdom ~

Let's not take ourselves so seriously.

None of us get out of this thing alive. By all means take what you do seriously. By all means be passionate. Certainly let's take our life's work, our relationships and our values seriously. But please let's not take ourselves so seriously. Take a moment to think about the real giants who preceded us throughout history - Pick out your favorite inspirational figure - Think about any one of them that made a real difference in the world. Then let's each of us be honest with ourselves.

When We Think We're Good - We're Not.

1 comment:

  1. A serious thought about being too serious Dan. We often have to laugh at how we git 'er done for our customers, and it is usually ANYTHING but traditional. Credentials we have not. Deals we get and try to find. Friends we make along the way. Sometimes!

    I appreciate the grounding, my friend.

    Keep them coming.

    Dan Norton