The Worst Words.

"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."
~ Benjamin Franklin

What are the very worst words you can ever hear as a salesperson? Well I'm sure you can come up with a few - but I put it to you that the worst words you will ever hear are "You're A Great Salesperson". Usually followed up with a "but". Being complimented on sales skills is probably one of the worst things a professional wants if he, or she, is really honest with themselves. It means - well it means that the buyer feels they were "sold". Now I recognize that all of us take a great deal of pride in convincing, persuading and closing - but if you're really good - all of that should occur inside the buyers mind without your pitching it. They should be convincing themselves that you are the best option - you shouldn't be convincing them. A very subtle difference I know - but a crucial one. So if those are the worst words in sales - What is the best word? I submit the best word is... "If". Once the prospect moves from "Why" to "If" they have moved from "Convince me" - to possibility thinking. Ultimately that is when you can start to take an order - once the person is thinking of the possibilities of you and your solutions fitting their needs. That is when it all falls into place. Once they start asking "If we..." you can truly call yourself "A Great Salesperson". Buyers Want To Buy ~ They Don't Want To Be Sold. Moving away from convincing them, with your great sales skills, to opening up possibilities where they ask "If" - is the key. Listen for if and beware of why. Don't try to convince. Question, Listen, Create and Open up possibilities in their mind so buyers start thinking ~ "If..."

Convincing stimulates and creates more "Why?".

Questions create if - Listening creates If - If stimulates Sales.

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