Want To Learn?

"Gibbs doesn't teach. You watch and learn." ~ NCIS.

Ok this one is going to be controversial - but what the heck. Verbal communication and questions are overrated. There I said it. ~ Go ahead, let loose the hounds from hell. But from the old school business mentor who would chase me away with the words "Shut up and watch what people do". To a special forces soldier who never seemed to sleep, complain or rest, the best lessons I've ever learned in life came from watching good people do stuff better than the rest of us.

Wasn't it a deaf, dumb and blind kid who saved the world in Tommy?
If You Want To Learn. Find someone who does something really well ~

Then just shut up and watch.

If you're a salesperson - find a good one and watch. If you're a supervisor or leader - find a good one and watch. If you're an artist, musician or creative person and you believe it's a solitary endeavor and all about you - My response is "Who's your inspiration? - If you need motivation it doesn't get any better than a great example.

If You Really Want To Learn ~ Shut Up And Watch.

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