What We Believe.

"Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is."
~ Johann W. Van Goethe.

Ask the father of a fallen Navy Seal what his son believed and you get the answer "He would say I owed it to..." Ask the young rioter in London what he believes and you get the answer " They owe me..."

Take a moment to really listen to anyone, anywhere, and their belief becomes clear ~ Some believe they owe and some believe they are owed. Regardless of our station in life. Regardless of our circumstance. Whether in business or life some look to take and some look to give. Some contribute more - and some feel they deserve more. Those that feel they deserve more rarely contribute more than self interest dictates. The true victim rarely considers themself a victim. The true contributor strives to give more.

Want to know what kind of candidate, employee, friend or person is sitting across the table from you? Ask them what they owe others ~ Then ask what others owe them.

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