A Good Story.

"The universe is made of stories, not atoms". ~ Muriel Rukeyser.

It had been raining the whole week, every single day, but I guess that was to be expected during monsoon season. Still it was pretty miserable and the young soldier was looking for some insight from the old sergeant on how to keep his men motivated and lighten things up a bit. The grizzly old campaigner turned to him and simply said:

Tell 'em a story.

We all like stories that touch the heart and stimulate the mind, the old man said.  Stories we can relate to. They don't have to make sense but if you want to win hearts and minds they have to resonate. I'm going to give you three little tips to remember. Here's what you do. Whether you're a soldier, salesperson, servant or sage you need to :

Lead by example. ~ Work harder than others think is wise and...

 Tell A Good Story.

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