"Don't be weak. You're better than that." ~ Brian Atkins.

A friend of mine passed away recently. We served together a while back and it got me to thinking about honor. ~ He was a man of honor.

He was a guy who believed strongly in stuff but didn't talk too much. The kind of quiet professional who went unnoticed - until he was gone. Brian had a phrase he used to challenge me ~ "Don't Be Weak." he would say "You're Better Than That." ~ It irritated and inspired me.

There are few like him ~ Men Of Honor. But when you run into one they make a difference. They set an example for us to follow, never give or take excuses, and they challenge us to do more and be more every single day of our lives. They inspire and irritate us because we know - We Can ~ We Should ~ Do and Be Better. And then they're gone...

You probably know someone like my friend Brian.

Honor Them ~ Accept Their Challenge. ~ Don't Be Weak.

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