Being The Best

"If You Ain't First, You're Last." ~ Ricky Bobby

How good do you want to be? It's a question that parents put to their children. Teachers to their students. Coaches to their athletes. And managers to their employees. There's only one answer that really makes any sense to me - "The Best That I Can Be". Everything else is an insult to ... Well to everybody. Everything else is a cop out.

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies "Chariots of Fire" when a runner is whining to his girlfriend about not winning a race and he says "If I can't win - I won't run". ~ The lady beautifully responds to him

"If you don't run - You can't win.

Winners have to run. Whatever race you decide to participate in. Win It. Whatever you determine to focus your attention on. Wherever your interests take you - Be the very best. There will come times of frustration, of failure and disappointment and those times will tempt you to settle for less. ~ To be content with merely "good enough".

There will be people that tell you that just being in the game is what counts - I say baloney. I say once you stop trying to be the best you're done. Once you settle you're dead.  ~ Ricky Bobby sure knows...

If You Ain't First - You're Last

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  1. Dan: What a motivational message, and just the kick I needed. I was about ready to settle for less, to go for the dollars instead of the future, so thanks for taking the time to send this message.

    By the way, any person that quotes Ricky Bobby is good in my book :).