The Last Frontier

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." ~ Voltaire

There's a place we can go. A place where we can unplug from the world and spend some quiet time. A place I like to call the last frontier. It's a real place that lies deep within the caverns of our mind. It's patched together with peaceful, happy and contented feelings plucked from our memory. Feelings we plant in a place that makes us smile. Choose your own location. Mine was taken from a trip to the wilderness of Alaska. In the silent majesty of mountain ranges and deep languid lakes I painted a masterpiece in my mind. A picture that overflowed with gratitude, appreciation and warmth. A picture of pride in my daughter. Of the joy in her smile. A picture of respect for those I admire and compassion for those I don't. A portrait that reflects the awe I experience with each sunrise. A portrait of perspective. It's a place that reminds us of what's important. An image that refreshes and fills our soul with warmth and peace. It's the last frontier. Pick a place. Choose your memories and paint a picture. Close Your Eyes and Remember. Reflect and Smile as it Refreshes Your Soul.

It's Your Last Frontier.

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