We Should Salute Them

"Always give a word or sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, or even a stranger, if in a lonely place."
~ Tecumseh

I really love people who love what they do. People that love it so much that they exemplify what it is to be a consummate professional. Those that shine with the spirit of excellence from every pore. Teachers that make a lasting difference to our children. Parents that set a lifelong example. Soldiers that quietly defend, honorably and selflessly. And quiet professionals everywhere who inspire us with the standards they set. The Blue Angels flew over our office today, practicing for the Miramar air show. As they passed overhead I felt the urge to stand and salute them. I felt self conscious and the salute was simply delivered in my mind - but I saluted them nonetheless. Why? Because they remind me of what each of us needs to do a lot more of. We need to say thank you to those quiet professionals who represent the wonderful traits that we admire. We need to tell those dependable souls who reignite and reaffirm our faith in people what a difference they make. We need to salute the people who do really good stuff just because that is who they are. They don't do it for reward. They don't do it for acknowledgment. They don't do it for glory or promotion. They set a higher standard because that is who they are. We really should salute these remarkable souls with words, a handshake or a heartfelt gesture but even if you salute them simply in your thoughts - I sincerely believe

We should salute them more.

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