Social Media & C Suite

"In God we trust, all others bring data." ~ Deming

Why is the C Suite resisting social media so much? It's pretty simple really - The Fluff. We all recognize the power and enormous scope that social media has achieved - lot's of people are on the playing field. But what about the end result? Social media gurus will chastise us for thinking too linear, too old school and say that it's all about the enormous communication possibilities, awareness and reach. Ok - but you've still got to measure what you manage in business otherwise... (well you can fill in the blank). Here's the bottom line in three C's. Here's a way to categorize and measure social media in a good, old fashioned, linear way that completely disregards the fluff and the unmeasurables. Here's 3 social media metrics for the C Suite.

Contacts - You broadcast to them & read their stuff (one way).

- You've moved them to a two way communication.

Customers - You've monetized them.

There are a myriad of great reasons to participate in social media that can't be immediately measured. But if you want to keep it simple - Measure how you are doing with Three Simple C's.

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