How Important Are You?

"It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter."
Marlene Dietrich

Social media has added a new dimension to our contact lists both in our personal lives and business. We've multiplied our opportunities to create relationships. It begs a question. How important are we to the people we communicate with? In the competitive arena of business this matters. Why? Because people make choices based on how much value you provide to them - How important you are to them. Want to find out how important you are to others? Do You Really? Can You Handle The Truth? Ok then do this. List all of your contacts and connections and get a phone number for each of them - Yep all of them. Call each one and leave a simple message - "Call me - I'd like to talk to you" and keep a list of who calls back and how long it took them to return your call. It's simple - It's honest and It will tell you how important you are to people. Perhaps they will call you back out of curiosity - great that's a start. Now comes the hard part - Can you get them to continue to call you back - next month, next year - every year? Can you maintain value to them? Do your contacts, your connections, your customers and your friends call you back quickly? There Are No Excuses. This is a real test of how important we are to people. If you truly are important to someone they will make it a priority to call you back - Whether it's convenient or not. It's a simple truth

If you're important to them - they call back.

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