3 Clocks.

"Lost time is never found again.
" ~ Benjamin Franklin.

Have you ever noticed that there are common traits among those who are enormously successful? Of course you have. There are industries built around selling and teaching those traits to others. Most of us know what those traits are and yet we go through our lives without maximizing their value. Why? ~ Well life gets in the way doesn't it. We all know that time can't be replaced it just keeps going and going but...

Have you noticed that some people seem to run on different internal clocks than others? ~ They somehow seem to get more stuff done.

They seem to be more dependable. They get more accomplished in less time and they seem to have less problems don't they? ~ How do they do it? ~ What's the secret? ~ How do they manage time so well? ~  Perhaps they have three internal clocks that others pay less attention to. ~ Maybe they are just little more aware of, and care about, three simple alarm clocks that we all have inside us.

Lets call these 3 clocks ~ Respect ~ Urgency ~ Caring.

Respect Clock

The respect clock drives some people to be early, not keep others waiting and be the kind of person we can depend, rely on and trust. The respect clock is selfless, strong, and supportive. She's the clock that drives the pure professional. She gives respect and earns respect.

Urgency Clock

The urgency clock wants to get things done. She is driven and ticking. She recognizes that minutes lost can't be reclaimed. She recognizes that life is short. The urgency clock knows that time is short and making a difference requires taking action now ~ today.

Caring Clock

Some people just care more than others - it's plain and simple. The caring clock measures how much we care by whether we wish for her to go faster or slower. Those that don't care are watching and wishing her to go faster so that they can go elsewhere or avoid where they are.

Those who care more want time to move slower or even stand still. They savor each moment. The caring clock reminds us to make a difference in the time given to us. To be more than just a grain of sand falling through the hourglass. Her time is respected and remembered.

Three internal clocks that drive us ~ Respect, Urgency, and Caring.

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