How To Execute.

"Our job is to execute."
~ Mark V. Hurd

We all know them. The planners and the thinkers. The big idea people that talk about stuff but can never seem to execute. The full of... fluff and hot air people. The "some day - if only - here's what YOU need to do - well because" - people. ..and we also know their opposites.

The "Say little - git 'r dun" type people. If we really want to succeed in business. If we want to lead or coach others it's helpful to become known as someone who can get things done, someone who 'executes'.

Execution is the essence of business.

Creativity is cool. Work ethic is wonderful. Experience is esteemed but - Execution is the key. How well we execute separates Professionals from Pretenders. Men from Boys. Competitors from Children and Respect from Ridicule. So what do we need to focus on to earn a reputation as someone who "executes?" ~ Focus on 3 Things:

Instructions ~ Instructions are often viewed as optional requests. Whether they come from customers, supervisors, management, or any stakeholder in your arena, a primary foundation in learning how to execute effectively is to identify and carry out instructions - no matter how insignificant they seem. Executing simple instructions (or requests) is key to becoming known as someone who "executes".

Expectations - Everyone has expectations. But very few people take the time to clarify and communicate their expectations to others. If you want to be known as someone who executes you need to clarify your understanding of the expectations others have of you and those you have of others. Talk them out and establish time lines. Time lines that you both expect things to happen - Metrics matter. Time lines matter.

Goals - What are your goals? What's Your Objective? In every circumstance there is an ideal outcome. What's your ideal outcome? To become known as someone who executes you need to know what you are trying to execute and by when. Execution is all about accomplishing things to meet or exceed expectations within expected time frames. Execution is about goals and getting things done.

Go Ahead Execute - Git 'r Dun.

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