People Can Tell...

"People can tell when you are not giving it all you've got." ~ Larry Bird.

There is a strange thing that goes on inside each one of us - and it can destroy us if we let it. We see it clearly in others, but oh so often, deny it in ourselves. We want to accomplish something and then we start thinking... We start giving it less than all we've got. We rationalize, reason and resist. Why? Hell I don't know. But we can certainly tell it when we see it in others. Whether we create, build, service, support, coach, teach, administer, consult or sell ~ people can see when we're not giving it all we've got. But for the life of me I can't think of a good reason why we don't give it all we've got. In life and in business. Some say it's to avoid disappointment. Some say it's fear of failure. Some say it's apathy. Some say it's doing what comes easiest and some say it's just habit. Does it really matter why? 24 hours - 7 days and a whole bunch of minutes. How many of them do we not give it all we've got? Who are we really kidding? ~ Give It All You've Got.

People can tell when you're not.

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