The Kings Speech

"Your greatest test… is yet to come!" ~ Stanley Baldwin

The Kings Speech was a film that moved me on many levels. As an Englishman, Romantic, Businessman, Salesman, Father, Friend, Soldier, Leader and as a Movie Lover I found it to be truly extraordinary. But rather than expound upon the multiple insights and inspirations it sings to our soul I will humbly offer 3 Simple Lessons that we all might draw upon and quietly say to ourselves "I really should do that better".
  • True Learning ~ comes when we set aside ego, stature and self.
  • True Friendship ~ comes after being tested.
  • True Strength ~ comes from striving to overcome ourselves.

The Kings Speech was a True Movie.

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  1. Hi Dan,
    Oddly enough as I watched this film, and the goofy yet poignant behavior of the speech coach, I rather thought I saw my self in parts of that character. I don't need the Oscars to tell me what movie I like and this one has become one of my top 5.

    Wish you had written more of your thoughts.

    Michael D Goodman