Grin When You Fight.

" I like a man who grins when he fights" ~ Winston S. Churchill.

Have you ever listened to someone and thought "Man that doesn't sound like much fun - But I guess I should do it - because it's probably good advice? " Then not done it. ~ Or you tried for a while but...

We all have. Me? I used to fight a lot in my youth - went into the army and they taught me how to fight a little better, with more productive results. Then the sales thing - used to wing it all the time - had a great time improvising - Then they taught me Miller Heimann, corporate sales processes - every activity should lead to a next action stuff.

And ultimately this whole leadership thing - used to just give it the old - Lead from the front, first in and last out stuff and then someone insisted on GE executive leadership tenets, measure what you manage, and CEO type guidance. Through it all one thing rang true - Try to get out of your own way as best you can and most importantly ~

Grin when you fight. 'cause if you're not having fun - no process, no advice, no system in the world will stick with you for long.

Whether you're soldiering, selling, supervising or serving if you really want success ~ Remember To Grin When You Fight.

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  1. Hi Dan:

    I always love the insights that come via a chronological retrospective. At every stage of your career you were able to take away keen insights that served you well in your next endeavor. I'm always amazed though how it's the simple things that really stick. Perhaps the most valuable thing you cited was to "learn to get out of your own way." Great advice for us all...Thanks Dan.

    Mike Myatt, Managing Director,