Our Greatest Strength.

"Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It means you think of yourself less." ~ Ken Blanchard.

What is our greatest strength? Which of our strengths provides the greatest return to friends, customers, associates and indeed mankind? Is it insight ~ A wisdom shared? Is it giving ~ A selfless act? Is it character ~ An inspiring example? ~ Or is it something else?

Social Media has provided us a platform to share more of ourselves than any time in history. We share links, blogs, opinions, insights and tales both brilliant and banal. We are talking, broadcasting and sharing ~ A Lot. We are shining a spotlight on our likes, dislikes, preferences and peccadilloes and in so doing drawing attention to ourselves like never before. It's perhaps neither good nor bad ~ it just is.

Yet something seems different today. Gone is the simplicity, the substance and the sincerity of quiet action. Quiet professionalism. The simple act of doing and being what one must without acclaim or praise.

There is the strength that it takes to get over anything. 
Then there is the strength that it takes to get over ourselves.

We admire those who have the strength to get over things. We read, hear about, and praise them. We respect that strength. But perhaps ~ Just perhaps ~ True strength is rarely seen. Perhaps our greatest strength is found in the quiet and simple act of getting over ourselves.

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  1. Dan, this was truly great! Thank you for taking the time to make us think of our greatest strengths. Looking within is the only way as I believe each and every one of use haa something truly amazing to offer!

    Thank you,
    Patricia Knight